Roster Disputes

A roster is a timetable that shows the days and times employees are required to work. It is important that you know your rights when it comes to rosters and roster changes. Your rights regarding rosters and roster changes are determined by the Award or Agreement which covers you at work. The information provided below is general information which may not be applicable specifically to you. Login to view your Award or Agreement.


Employer's roster requirements:

When an employer wants to change an employee’s regular roster or ordinary hours of work, they should discuss the proposed changes with the employee/s before the change commences.

  • Provide information about the change (e.g. what the change will be and when)
  • Invite employees to share their views about the impact of the change
  • Consider the employees’ views about the impact of the change


What to do if you disagree with a roster change

Seek the assistance of your store Delegate who will have experience and training with roster disputes. Your Delegate may assist you with following the company’s grievance procedure and speaking with the department manager and shop manager to attempt to resolve the situation.

If, after following the grievance procedure and seeking assistance from your store Delegate, you are still not happy with your new roster, contact the SDA immediately to resolve the issue before you sign off on the roster.

If you object to the roster changes your employer can not require you to work the new roster. You can notify your employer that the proposed change is ‘in dispute’ and you wish to discuss your roster under the dispute / grievance procedure.

Once you agree to a roster change it can be difficult to reverse it so if you do not accept the change/s, make your views known early.


Mandatory roster rights and protections

Awards and Enterprise Agreements can have other rules about changing a roster and notice periods.

Most SDA negotiated Enterprise Agreements require the company to give at least one weeks’ notice of a permanent roster change, which is extended to two weeks if the employee disagrees. It’s during this time that the issue should be resolved.

Most Enterprise Agreements contain provisions to ensure your roster is not changed too frequently and that your roster accounts for important issues such as family responsibilities, study, sporting commitments or your ability to get safe transport home.

Each Enterprise Agreement is different, so it’s important to read the provisions carefully. Login to view your Award or Agreement.


Points to remember:

  • Know your Award or Agreement to make sure you know your roster rights
  • Make your views known early and don’t agree to something if you want to dispute it later
  • Ask your SDA delegate to work with you and your employer to resolve any grievance
  • Remember the SDA is on hand to provide you with advice on roster changes, suggest alternatives or assist you in putting forward your concerns to management.

For more information or assistance with rosters speak to your store Delegate or contact the SDA.

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