Payment of Wages

How often should I be paid?

Enterprise Agreements and Awards contain specific provisions detailing employee entitlements, including when you must be paid – usually weekly or fortnightly, and on a regular day of the week (e.g. Thursday).

How should I be paid?

In most instances wages are paid electronically, directly into your nominated bank account, but payment by cash or cheque is still permissible in some cases.

Can my employer make deductions from my pay?

An employer may not make deductions from your pay without your written authorisation, subject to some exceptions in accordance with the law.

What about payslips?

As an employee, you must also receive a payslip that details the hours worked, the rate of pay, total earnings, tax deducted, and other relevant information.  The minimum requirements for payslips are set out under federal legislation.


Under law, employers must contribute to an eligible employee’s superannuation (super) account.

For more details regarding your superannuation entitlements, please check out Superannuation.

For more information about your minimum hourly or weekly rate of pay, please take a look at the Wages, Awards and Enterprise Agreements.  SDA members are of course welcome to contact the Branch for further advice and information.


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