Delegate of the Month - MaryJane O'Dell



Meet MaryJane O’Dell from Big W Raymond Terrace - our February Delegate of the month

MaryJane is a dedicated delegate who takes pride in her role, especially when she helps the members in her store.

This dedication is evident in the work she is ...

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Young worker wrongly demoted


As a young worker, Liam* (19) was excited to accept a promotion from his fast food employer. He’d worked hard to secure his new position of assistant manager and was enjoying the extra responsibility and pay that came with the role.

However, after...

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Delegates of the Month - December


Meet Scott and Neeka from Woolworths Gosford - our December Delegates of the month! 

Scott and Neeka worked hard as a team throughout the recent proposed Woolworths agreement which was rolled out across stores in September & October. Together,...

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Delegate of the Month - Meet Claudia!



Claudia (pictured middle) has worked alongside her team members as a store Delegate representing their working interests for over 3 years. She has been an active member of the Union since 2006.

We asked Claudia about her role as a Delegate....

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Working in the heat



With the arrival of summer, employees are reminded of the health and safety risks of working in extreme heat.

The human body sheds excess heat by sweating. Heat illness occurs when the body cannot sufficiently cool itself. Heat illness includes...

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Issues with a store transfer? Read this!


Retail worker, Barry*, recently needed a transfer to another workplace but ran into unexpected problems when he arrived there.

He faced an all too common problem. His employer attempted to unlawfully cut his hours from full-time to casual in the...

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Working Boxing Day?


On Boxing Day, Thursday 26 December 2019, you are entitled to exercise your legal right to take the time off on the public holiday unless you freely elect to work without any pressure, coercion, harassment, threat or intimidation.

Retail employers...

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Fun Fact Friday


This week a major retailer failed to process the payment of wages correctly on time. This in itself is disappointing because many workers were left with an anxious wait while the problem was rectified. Fortunately, through the quick response of...

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Theft works both ways


Imagine if you took a stroll down to the cash registers at work, popped open the drawer and helped yourself to an amount as small as $5, writes Nina Hutchinson.

You would expect some pretty serious consequences, right? Perhaps an investigation...

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Delegate of the Month - Danae


September 2016

Danae is our Delegate at Woolworths Rutherford. She has been a Union member for nearly 6 years and a Delegate since Nov 2014.

Belinda, an SDA Recruiter, sat down with Danae and asked her some questions about her role as a Delegate.

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Payslips : What you NEED to know!


Do you know if you're getting paid correctly? When was the last time you checked your payslip? Payslips are vital to ensure that you, the employee, receive the correct pay and entitlements and allow your employer to keep accurate and complete...

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Delegate Win!


Our Delegate in Jay Jay’s Kotara, Robyn, recently met with management to advise them that they couldn’t cut back on permanent part time hours without notice. This issue affected both union and non-union members. As a result of Robyn advising...

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Blood Donor Leave


People of all walks of life need blood products, writes Jade Baker.

Some need it to get them through a serious event in their lives, like cancer or a dangerous pregnancy. Others have medical conditions which mean they need blood products regularly...

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Family and Domestic Violence – A Workplace Issue


Family and domestic violence is a workplace issue, writes Branch Secretary, Barbara Nebart.

The SDA is fully committed to supporting initiatives aimed at removing domestic violence from our society and recognises that Domestic Violence is a...

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Delegate of the Month - Jenna


July 2016

Jenna Schofield is a Bunnings workplace Delegate. She has been a Union member for 3 years and a Delegate since Oct 2015. We sat down with Jenna and asked her some questions about her role as a Delegate.

Why did you become a Delegate?

I ...

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Coles Agreement Update - FWC Decision


In breaking news, the Fair Work Commission has just ruled that the enterprise agreement that 91 per cent of Coles workers who voted endorsed, should remain in place, confirming that the vast majority of Coles workers are better off.

Today in the...

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Delegate of the Month – Lee


May 2016

Lee Mills is our Delegate in Woolworths Muswellbrook. She has been a Union member for 3 years and a Delegate since Oct 2013.

Kim, an SDA Organiser, sat down with Lee and asked her some questions about her role as a Delegate.


Why did...

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A Monumental Win!


SDA member Maria Lockwood turned up to work at ‘The Base Warehouse - The Entrance’ last September for an extra shift. Instead she was handed a letter that gave her the sack for reasons which she strongly denied. Her employer would not even talk to...

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SDA Member Win: Aimee Ringham


Aimee Ringham, a manager at a Charlestown clothing company, recently contacted the Union, shortly after becoming a member. She was concerned her wages were not being calculated correctly. While the SDA can only represent members with current issues...

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The Penalty Rate Debate


The Attacks

Currently there is a three-pronged attack on your rights at work and your right to compensation for working weekends.

Attack One: Employers

Employers have made applications to cut workers’ rights to penalty rates on the weekend....

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SDA Accident Insurance


Kaye Stevens, a long standing Union member working for Myer Charlestown, recently suffered a fall which left her with a broken wrist.

Upon speaking with her store Delegate, she was advised she could claim on the Unions accident insurance which...

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Casual Workers DO Have Rights!


Jade Baker, Industrial Officer writes:

Here are some of the things you are entitled to as a casual employee:

  • A higher hourly pay rate than equivalent permanent employees, in the form of a 'casual loading' because casual employees don't...
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SDA Win for Member


After a long drawn out Workers Compensation battle, one of our SDA members, Sharon Bailey, had a nice win last year. Sharon Bailey was injured during the course of her daily duties. While on Workers Compensation, the company deducted Sharon’s days ...

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Member Win!


A group of members from a national retailer recently contacted the union after staff members received a letter from their head office, which upon reading, they did not understand. The store Delegate contacted the SDA office on behalf of store...

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The Role of the SDA Women's Officer


The role of the Women`s Officer is to help our members maintain the balance between their working life and time with their family.

While many of the issues we deal with are specific to women, we can also advise the many dads who need to know...

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Getting Paid For The Work You Do


You have a right to be paid the correct grade:

Employees should be paid in accordance with their correct classification or “grade”.

Enterprise agreements and Modern Awards have a classification section which sets out job roles and the associated...

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