Workplace win for Liquorland members

Published on: Dec 18 2018

Members at Liquorland, Salamander Bay were having difficulties getting their concerns heard regarding some serious OHS issues. So they banded together and approached the SDA for help.

Pictured from left to right: Ryan, Terriann and Sean.


Issues which were raised with the company but had not been resolved:

  • Repeatedly asking the company to replace the old and worn out stress mat.
  • Providing all members with a key to access the toilet, so it was possible to have a toilet break while working alone.
  • Concerns over the lunchroom, which had inadequate space and cupboard storage that made it unsafe, even for making a tea or coffee.


SDA Official Lyn organised a meeting with the area manager and invited the members along to discuss their issues and provide them with the necessary support. In the meeting there was an open discussion about the safety concerns in store between all parties. Management was happy to discuss these issues and to implement solutions to create a better and safer work environment.


As a result of the meeting members now have:

  • A new stress mat which is vital for people who spend long periods on their feet.
  • The company provided each team member with their own key so they can take a toilet break while working alone.
  • New shelving was built in the back of the stock room so staff now have adequate facilities and space to take their breaks.
  • We are also waiting for a new side door to be fitted, which will create a much safer workspace for members.


This win is a result of banding together and standing up for your rights at work. Thanks to the efforts of our members we were able to secure these very positive outcomes.

If you have any concerns about safety in your workplace please contact the SDA.

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