Woolies workers win back Christmas!

Published on: Dec 17 2018

Last week we told you about Woolworth’s shocking application to have its employees work on Christmas Day.

We’ve got an update – the application was REJECTED!

This is fantastic news. It means that rather than stocking shelves, Woolworths workers will be able spend Christmas Day with their families and friends.

We know you shared our outrage at the Woolworths application – within days around 7,500 of you had signed a petition calling on Woolies to withdraw its application.

You can read the official Woolworths outcome and reasons for the decision here.

A huge thank you to everyone who took action. Now, we need your help again.

The Woolworths Christmas Day application was rejected, but the NSW Government is still robbing workers of Boxing Day.

We’ve helped save Christmas Day, now, it’s time to save Boxing Day.

It only takes a few moments to send a message, but it could mean the difference between workers spending Boxing Day behind a cash register, or getting to spend it with their kids and families.

Woolworths has played the Grinch very well this year, but the NSW Government has also forgotten the true meaning of Christmas.

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