UNION WIN - Noni B suspends cuts to hours

Published on: Mar 28 2019

Noni B workers have stood together and protected their hours of work.

Following a historic campaign by Noni B workers to stand together and oppose cuts to their permanent part-time hours, we are excited to share some good news.

Lawyers acting for Noni B have written to your Union, the SDA, today to advise “our client has decided to immediately suspend all proposals to reduce the roster of our retail staff in store”.

This is huge news for all Noni B workers and it is a direct result of your hard work and your solidarity.

We will be writing to Noni B in due course to confirm that the current proposed rosters are now withdrawn. If so, we will be discontinuing the Fair Work Commission proceedings we commenced to ensure the ‘status quo’ to protect SDA members.


What does this mean for me?

If you notified Noni B that you were disputing your roster and you were currently in consultations about the proposed cut to hours, these will now stop.

Unfortunately, it is not all good news. Noni B was very keen to emphasise that it reserves its right to make changes in the future:

“Please note that decision will not prevent our client from engaging in consultations with our staff about roster changes in future, which will occur in line with the Award or appropriate enterprise agreement.”

This means Noni B may seek to change rosters in the future, consistent with its rights under the applicable laws. The Union stands ready to advise and support you once again if that is to occur.


What's happening now?

  • We continue to oppose the proposed new Noni B Agreement 2019. You deserve a better deal and if we continue to work together we know this is achievable.
  • We have applications before the Fair Work Commission seeking to terminate the expired PGFG and Noni B Agreements. It is our considered judgment that you will be better off overall covered by the General Retail Industry Award 2010.
  • Many Managers stood together and refused to sign Noni B’s common law contracts which offered no more than minimum award rights and assorted new leave entitlements. We note that Noni B has now written to those Managers and offered to provide those new leave entitlements, irrespective of whether they sign the contract or not.
  • Officials of the SDA will continue to visit your stores in line with the applicable laws which govern right of entry. But we are always happy to speak to you over the phone, meet outside work and to support you whenever required.
  • Soon we will invite all Noni B workers to participate in a detailed workplace climate survey which deals with some of the issues you have shared with us in recent weeks. This is a really important survey and will ensure you have a strong collective voice at work.


The ‘Sisterhood’

We'd also like to thank all those members who have contributed to this fight and have shown support for each other.

We will continue to update you with any developments and if you have any questions please call the office on 1300 SDA HELP (1300 732 4357).

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