Transfer blunder leaves Frank with no job security

Published on: Feb 05 2019

When Frank applied for a store transfer, he never thought he’d have to fight just to protect his entitlements or that he’d need the support of his union.

Frank is a long-term employee of a major supermarket and has been an SDA member for over 8 years. After recently working in Queensland he decided to return home to Port Stephens. Frank requested a transfer back to his old store which was approved at his position of permanent part-time.

After returning to Port Stephens, he noticed that all his accrued annual leave had been paid out – without his consent or knowledge. Upon further investigation, Frank realized that when he transferred stores, his position had changed to casual.

Having his position changed to casual, meant Frank lost the security of permanent employment, sick leave and annual leave. He also wasn’t informed that his long service leave would restart because he’d transferred from another state.

At this point, Frank contacted the SDA. With the SDA by his side, Frank explained the situation to his store manager and began negotiating to have his permanent part-time position and entitlements returned. Frank’s store manager was very helpful and acknowledged there had been a mistake made.

Through these negotiations, Frank’s previous position was quickly reinstated and all of his entitlements were returned, including his annual leave (after he repaid what his company had mistakenly given him).

Tip: If you’re applying for a work transfer, make sure you keep copies of your application and the documentation. Including photos/screenshots of the outcome of your transfer application and its conditions, e.g. the position you’re transferring to, dates etc.

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