The new Hungry Jack's Agreement - Know your rights

Published on: Dec 18 2019

The Union has been informed that some Hungry Jack’s members are being asked to switch from permanent part-time to casual employment, using the new Hungry Jack’s Agreement as the excuse. Your employer cannot do this. Below we have provided some questions and answers regarding the new Agreement. Do not sign anything regarding changes to your employment status. If you are asked to do so by your manager please contact the union immediately on 1300 SDA HELP (1300 732 4357).

The new Hungry Jack’s Agreement will take effect from Monday, 23 December 2019.

Can my manager force me to become casual?

No. Your manager cannot force you to change from permanent part-time to casual employment. This is not part of the new Agreement. Your manager cannot pressure, harass, bully or coerce you into changing from permanent part-time to casual.

You have the option to change from permanent part-time to casual if you expressly request to make the change.

Can part-time employees work extra hours under the new Agreement?

Yes. Permanent part-time employees are guaranteed their contracted hours every week with entitlements (annual leave, sick leave etc) and can work additional hours on top of their agreed contracted hours.

See clause 12.7 of the new Agreement. Login to see your Agreement.

My manager says I’ll get more hours if I’m casual, is this true?

There is no guarantee of hours at all if you are a casual worker. Whilst extra hours may be offered, without a contract there is no obligation to roster these hours.

Casual workers do get casual loading but do not accrue leave, have no set hours of work and may receive no hours in any week.

If you are a permanent part-time employee you can still work these extra hours as additional hours on top of your regular contracted hours.


If you have been forced to change your contract of employment contact the Union immediately on 1300 SDA HELP (1300 732 4357).

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