SDA Member Win: Catherine Sparke

Catherine Sparke contacted the SDA after working for 10 years for an international fast food chain.

The franchise owner was being very difficult about Catherine's resignation. After some intervention from the SDA regarding notice period and amount of Annual Leave owing, further investigation by an SDA Organiser showed that Catherine was also entitled to long service leave. 

Catherine started out working for the franchise as a Casual employee then later went on to be Permanent Part Time and eventually Full Time, managing different branches of the Franchise. As a result of the different employment status over the 10year period and the constant moving across stores, the franchise owner did not believe that Catherine was entitled to long service leave.

Had Catherine not contacted the SDA for assistance regarding resignation she would have gone on not knowing she was in fact entitled to Long Service Leave as well. 

An SDA Organiser spoke with the franchisee and informed him that Catherine was entitled to long service leave in addition to her annual leave as she had worked for the company for 10 years. The SDA were successful in getting a $7200 payment to Catherine. 

 “I’m delighted that I called the SDA. I didn’t know I was entitled to long service leave. I am now pregnant so this payout will make a big difference to me. Thank you so much”.  

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