Pre-existing medical related issue resolved for Linda

SDA member Linda was considering resigning after she had been stood down from her retail role pending a request for medical information relating to pre-existing personal condition.

The part-time employee of a national department store was feeling overwhelmed and disappointed at how she had been treated by her employer. After receiving useful advice from her Union Delegates and working closely with one of the delegates, Linda contacted the SDA for assistance.

SDA intervened, and the request for Linda’s medical information was found to be in breach of her privacy, and was therefore not fulfilled.

We were able to help Linda return to her role, and she received more than $300 in backpay wages for the shifts she had not worked due to being stood down.

As Linda says, “it pays to belong to the union”.

For workplace advice and assistance, contact the Newcastle SDA office on 4961 4694.

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