Narisa's Christmas Wish

Narisa works for a national retailer. In 2015, the company trained her as a corset fitter. In 2016, she was trained in prosthesis fitting. As this training is not standard training, Narisa was unsure if she should be paid for higher duties.

When she questioned her manager in store, she was advised that the company has never paid the prosthesis fitters any additional compensation despite being required to complete additional training.

Unhappy with her manager’s answer, Narisa contacted the Union.

Armed with Narisa’s certificates and pay dockets, the organiser investigated and found in her Enterprise agreement, the company had agreed to compensate prosthesis fitters. As a result, it was found that Narisa had been allocated the wrong pay grade.

The Union obtained a substantial back pay and 9.5 % super for Narisa, in addition to her leave which was paid out at the higher grade.

Narisa says “People should know that you get listened too when you contact your Union. I am delighted with the outcome”.

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