Mind Your Head: Mental health Campaign


Just like physical health and safety hazards, there are workplace mental health hazards, like high workloads, isolated work and poor role clarity.

Mental health hazards can have a major impact on individuals, but they also affect everyone in the workplace through high staff turnover, reduced productivity and increased sick and stress leave.

That’s why the ACTU have launched a new workplace mental health campaign to help workplaces improve their mental health systems and practices – Mind Your Head.

Mind Your Head focuses on helping you prevent workplace mental health problems before they develop and everyone has a role to play.

That’s why unions, employers, universities and regulators have come together in this campaign to give workplaces the resources and tools they need to identify and address workplace mental health hazards.

But we can’t improve workplace mental health without your help.



When you sign up to Mind Your Head, you’ll receive regular updates and find out how your workplace can get involved.

You’ll also get exclusive access to tried and tested tools and resources to help improve mental health at work.

Join us, and let’s take action to protect workplace mental health.

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