Member Win - casual conversion!

Member Win – Casual Conversion

Sandie has worked as a casual at a leading retailer for approximately 18 months.

As a hard-working single mum, being casual left her vulnerable in the quieter retail trading months and made it difficult for her to take time off with her son without a regular income.

Sandie spoke with her Union Delegate Jannette about trying to get a contract with better job security and with the guidance of their Organizer Deb they put in a written request for a casual conversion.

The result was fantastic for Sandie who now has a permanent part-time contract of 24 hours pw, with all hours included within Sandie’s genuine availability.

Sandie is grateful for the stability of having a set number of hours per week, along with the added benefit of being able to access annual and sick leave if needed.

Sandie says she wants to thank her Union Delegate Jannette for all her support during the process and said she is “So glad she joined the Union as it pays to belong.”

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