Published on: May 13 2016

Nicole Cox fractured her ankle whilst mowing her lawn when her foot rolled into a divot.

During a Union Official’s visit to Nicole store, Nicole was advised she could claim through the Union’s Accident Insurance. She received a payout of $600.

The SDA provides all financial members with Accident Insurance which is intended to cover you at all times when you are not covered by workers’ compensation.

The SDA Accident Insurance Scheme covers you in the event of:

  • Death
  • Total incapacity to work in the job you were trained and/or educated to perform
  • Broken bones
  • Loss of limbs, sight or hearing
  • Complete tear of Achilles tendon, and
  • Other defined injuries as listed in the policy, when they are caused by violent, external and visible means outside working hours and are not attributable to an illness.

If you have recently suffered an injury at work, please contact the office on (02)4961 4694 for further information.

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