Member Win!

A group of members from a national retailer recently contacted the union after staff members received a letter from their head office, which upon reading, they did not understand. The store Delegate contacted the SDA office on behalf of store members to seek advice from the union. Upon investigation, it was determined that the company was proposing that a Rostered Day Off (RDO) cancelled out their public holiday entitlement.


The issue was referred to an SDA Organiser, who advised the members of their entitlements. The Organiser contacted the company head office and raised the issue nationally.


Due to the members and the Organiser working together, the issue was successfully resolved, not only for the workers within that one store, but also for workers within the company NSW wide.


The SDA asked the company to send out a memo to all the employees and back pay all staff, who had previously lost the public holiday entitlement. Since this has occurred, the SDA has heard from many members who were pleased to know that the SDA protected their future public holidays.


“Without the SDA on my side I would not have known where to turn to find out the correct information about my rights at work. I feel secure knowing that my work mates and I support each other just by being union members”.

*SDA stock image. The members shown in this image were not involved with this issue.


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