Member and Delegate fight for fair roster

Published on: Jul 26 2019

Jade (left) has been working as an online shopper on a casual basis for a couple of years and was desperately wanting a contract to be able to better support her children. As a single mum, getting the kids to and from school and sporting commitments was extremely difficult with unpredictable hours of work. Paying the bills also became challenging with fluctuating hours and the uncertainty that casual work brings.

With the assistance of her Union Organiser Jade worked out her average number of hours worked as a casual. Jade and her Delegate Kelly (right) then organised a meeting resulting in a contract offer but unfortunately it had her working every single Saturday, despite her manager knowing she could not commit to that. 

The initial contract Jade was offered was 13.5 hours which was her casual average but working every Saturday was not a possibility for Jade. She was then pressured into signing the contract with the manager saying words to the effect of, ‘it this or nothing’. After trying to negotiate with the manager again she was then pressured into dropping every second Saturday which would have been a loss of 6 hours per month.

With some fighting spirit Kelly pushed a bit harder with the manager to secure a compromise. The next roster now shows Jade getting 13.5 hours per week with every second weekend off. As you can see from the huge smile on Jade’s face (left) she is extremely happy!

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