Maternity leave win for Emma

Emma, an employee of a major supermarket and an SDA member, commenced her maternity leave a few weeks before her baby was due.

Emma was first taking her annual leave before expecting to receive weekly payments under a company policy providing paid maternity leave.

Early into her leave, she stood in front of the ATM to withdraw some money only to find she had not received the company paid maternity leave payments.

With her baby’s due date drawing near, she was extremely distressed when she discovered she hadn’t been paid.

Having followed all instructions from her store management team and with no communication from the company to indicate she was not eligible for the leave, Emma had no reason to think she wouldn’t be paid. 

Emma contacted the SDA for assistance.

She attended a meeting with her Store Manager and her SDA Union Organiser. The Union was able to successfully fight for Emma to receive paid maternity leave. As a result, she received six weekly payments totalling $3,915. 

Well done Emma and congratulations on your lovely baby!

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