Introducing Liam...


I would like to take this opportunity to say hello and introduce myself.

My name is Liam Burrows.

I’m very excited to be the newest member of the SDA team, working as an Organizer.

I have been amazed by the warm welcome from members in my area. I am so impressed with the great work SDA members and Delegates are completing in their workplaces in difficult circumstances during the pandemic.

A little about me

I grew up on the Central Coast at Kincumber and love this part of our great country.  Instead of completing year 12, I chose to perform on a TV talent show – Australia’s Got Talent, which sent me off on a journey that has been quite unusual to say the least.

Over the past 8 years, I have been performing as a singer and musician, which has led to me organizing festivals, corporate events and running a music studio, while also completing a degree.

You may be asking yourself “how on earth did this bloke ever get into union organizing?”

I was lucky to grow up in a union family, with both my parents being active union delegates who encouraged myself and my sister to develop a strong set of union values. Due to our parents instilling these important values, my sister is a delegate for the NSW Nurses and Midwives Association (NSWNMA). I am also a current member of the Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA).  

I honed my organizing skills as an activist working with the Central Coast Community Union Alliance (CCCUA). My experience with the CCCUA illustrated to me how much can be achieved to create change, if we work together. Success may not be instant but will happen over time if we don’t give up.  

I feel privileged to be working with you all as part of our union; keeping up the SDA presence in your workplaces and assisting you with various matters.

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