In Charge Allowance

At times during your career you may be asked to temporarily undertake a higher position than your usual role, be it for a couple of hours during your shift, or to cover for an employee on leave.

This is covered under most SDA agreement’s or the General Retail Award as either In Charge Allowance or Higher Duties Allowance.

These allowances can be a weekly allowance or paid on a pro-rata hourly basis for any time worked at the higher rate.

Your supervisor has recognised you as having the ability to step up to the higher position. However if you don't feel you have the confidence or you’d prefer to stay in your current role, you can refuse.

In most agreements the SDA has negotiated allowances where you would be paid for the following higher duties, where you:

  • are employed alone with responsibilities for the security and general running of a shop
  • regularly supervise other team members, other than on a full-time basis
  • act in charge of other team members, whether it be for 1-3 or more consecutive hours
  • supervise team members
  • act as second in charge (2IC) of a section, e.g. 2IC to a department manager or service supervisor
  • are in charge of a night fill team, regardless if there is a duty manager
  • are left in charge of the store, i.e. acting as duty manager
  • are a key holder
  • perform alarm callouts.

Any other task you are asked or required to do that comes under the In Charge Allowance or Higher Duties Allowance as read in your agreement or the award, must be paid by your employer.

Employees who are store key holders may be entitled to a Key Holder Allowance (per day or per week) when required to open and/or close the store and activate/deactivate an alarm


If you’re unsure whether you are entitled to these allowances, contact the Newcastle SDA office on 4961 4694.

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