Getting paid for workplace training

Recently one of our members returned to work after taking 8 months’ extended leave due to a non-work related injury.

Prior to her return, Natalie, an employee of a major supermarket, touched base with the store to discuss her return date.

She was advised of new systems that had be introduced during her absence and told she would need to complete relevant training online at home. Natalie did as she asked and completed the training, which took around 2.5 hours.

Upon returning to work Natalie was told she would not be paid for the training due to it having been undertaken at home, outside of work hours.

Natalie raised this concern with her SDA Delegates. The SDA was able to successfully negotiate for Natalie to be paid for the training time. She received 2.5 hours pay in her next pay.

If members have any questions or require further information in regard to training, please call the office on 4961 4694.

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