Fun Fact Friday

This week a major retailer failed to process the payment of wages correctly on time. This in itself is disappointing because many workers were left with an anxious wait while the problem was rectified. Fortunately, through the quick response of members working with their union and good cooperation with the business we saw the issue addressed as quickly as possible.

 However, you have to scratch your head and wonder about the priorities of some employers when you receive this message from one of our activists:

“Let me tell you how stuffed up [major retailer] is. One of our staff was over paid 1 cent, yes ONE CENT, and some idiot at head office took the time to send her an email to say they wanted it back and it will be taken out of next weeks pay.”

Really!? When many workers have been underpaid or are waiting to be paid, someone thought the most important thing they needed to do was make arrangements for a one cent overpayment.

Keep in mind that this occurred in a business which lost almost $15 million for the 2015/16 financial year.

We suggest that recovering one cent from an ‘overpaid’ worker, and we use that term very loosely, is not going to turn that ship around.

Perhaps the employee should offer to pay it back in cash and round it to the nearest 5 cents, i.e. nothing!

Or perhaps looking after staff and prioritising those workers who have not been paid on time or underpaid is better way to lift morale and encourage better service? Just saying …





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