From night to day shift: Win for Anthony

With the backing of his Union, Anthony was able to successfully switch to working day shifts.

Anthony works full time as a Baker at a supermarket. Until recently, he was working the very early morning shift.

Anthony is a father of two and his wife is also a shift worker. Given their work hours, the couple barely saw each other.

On top of this, Anthony has a long commute to and from work.

His work hours, commute and family commitments resulted in Anthony not getting enough sleep during the day. As a result, he was suffering from fatigue and his mental health was negatively impacted.

With the support and assistance of his Union and his Delegate Gillian, he was able to approach his employer and have his roster changed to day shifts.

This was a great outcome for Anthony, who finds his new roster and home life more manageable. As a result, he is now also able to support his wife more with looking after their children, and still get sufficient sleep.

Well done Anthony for standing up!

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