Delegates of the Month: Diane and Nicole

December 2016

Diane Bickerstaff and Nicole Ferris are Union Delegates at Coles Lake Haven. 

We recently sat down with both Delegates to discuss the benefits of working as a team. Both Diane and Nicole agreed that having a colleague to lend support and 'share the union love' was a big advantage for each other and for their SDA members in store.

Nicole and Diane believe that the benefit of years of combined experience and having a team mate to 'consult with' really fortifies the role of a Delegate.  

They also recognise that it makes sense that different members may feel comfortable approaching one delegate over another and having more than one delegate in the work place means that union representation is spread across different shifts for our members.

Diane and Nicole have facilitated representation for our members and dealt with store issues effectively and skilfully. Together, they have negotiated with management to achieve the best possible outcomes for members in their store including roster changes, pay issues and the correct application of entitlements.  They share their experiences:


Diane Bickerstaff- Union Member for almost 14 years and a Delegate for over 5 years.

Why did you become a delegate?

I was approached approximately six years ago.  I asked what was involved and thought why not give it a try and here I am six years down the track.

What do you get most out of the role?

The satisfaction of helping people to 'stand up' for themselves and for their entitlements.

Why is recruitment important?

Basically, if there was no recruitment there would eventually be a point that there would be no union.  There would be no-one to help us fight for our rights, just individuals fighting for ourselves. We need to remember: the more members, the more power we have together!

What do you have planned for the next 12 months?

 In the next 12 months I would like to update our union noticeboard, update our active members list and see if we can then recruit new members. 


Nicole Ferris- Union member for 12 years and a Union Delegate for 4 years. 

Why did you become a delegate?

To help people!  I feel that one of my strong points is 'communication' and I simply love to help people.  I enjoy resolving issues.

What do you get most out of the role?

I get great satisfaction when I receive a positive outcome.  I've been lucky enough to work together with members and management to achieve happy outcomes. 

Why is recruitment important to you?

Recruitment strengthens our Union.  The stronger our numbers, the better we can back ourselves, therefore providing more protection during our employment.  It is one of the most important things in life you need- like life insurance; especially for our younger people.

What do you have planned for the next 12 months? 

I would really love to follow up on recruitment and touch base with new team members to get to know them more and introduce the benefits of membership. 


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