Meet our April Delegate of the Month - Scott

Scott Palmer is a permanent part-time Service Cashier at Woolworths Supermarket Tuggerah, who has a Bachelor’s Degree in Politics and Australian History and is dreaming of a future career in political administration and campaigning.
Scott has impressed in the short time he has been a delegate by recruiting and changing the attitude surrounding the Union within his store. Members often tell us when visiting about how Scott will go out of his way unprompted to look after their best interests. During the recent floods Scott ensured that members that had to have time off because of flooding were paid the right leave and were not using their own entitlements. This is just an example of the kind of selfless, great work Scott is doing to help raise the awareness and the profile of the SDA in store.


Q & A's 

Why did you become a delegate?

I had a great delegate when I worked at a store in Bondi, Sydney and when I arrived at Tuggerah there was no delegate at all. Having had the experience of having a very good, very active delegate previously, I thought it was important we had one in my new store. I wanted to help increase the awareness and understanding of the SDA. I felt there wasn't a great understanding of what the Union was and why it was important to be a part of - and this is my way of helping to rectify that.


Why is recruiting union members important?

Members are the basis of the Union. No members, no Union! The more members we can recruit, the bigger and stronger our voice is to fight for the working conditions and pay we deserve.


What campaigns have you been involved with and why were they important?

NO ONE DESERVES A SERVE! This campaign is very important to our members in customer service areas especially! The campaign creates awareness among our customers that we are all people just coming to work to do a job and we don’t deserve to be abused! It helps make customers think before they act out against us. It definitely makes all the members I speak to feel a bit safer in the workplace.

WAGE RISE CAMPAIGN! This is extremely important every time it comes around. We need to increase wages in the industry as cost of living constantly increases and people need to be able to afford to live!!


What has been your most notable achievement in your workplace?

Through work with my SDA officials, I think we have changed the way people think and talk about unions at Tuggerah Woolworths. I have helped to improve the density of members in the store through recruitment, constant perseverance and creating more awareness. I feel like the entire attitude towards the SDA and unionism has changed and become more positive and it shows as member numbers continue to grow. I have people now coming to me with issues and queries and some of these people may never have before. This for me is great because it means we are building trust.


What have you enjoyed most about being a delegate?

I have enjoyed being able to help people with problems they are having such as roster disputes and other minor issues. I have also enjoyed building relationships with members in store, management and my union officials. I feel I can effectively be a link between them all when needed. Most of all I have enjoyed the sense of achievement I get knowing that we, the SDA are becoming a trusted source of information, guidance and assistance in Tuggerah Woolworths. I am proud that I have been able to help with that shift in attitude.


What do you aim to achieve in your workplace in the next 12 months?

I aim to assist in implementing some strategies discussed with my Organiser in growing the membership base in store. I also want to help in identifying another 2 delegates and other possible activists to strengthen the SDA representation further in store.


What do you get most out of the delegate role?

I get the satisfaction and joy of being able to help others when they need it most. I know unions in Australia are important and I take pride in being able to represent the SDA and help spread the word and grow the union and awareness of the movement!



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