Delegate of the Month - Liz & Rowena

Published on: Sep 06 2017

September 2017

Delegate(s) of the month are… dynamic duo Liz Bass and Rowena McNeil from Coles Wyong.

Liz and Rowena have been working together as delegates for two years. They enjoy a successful partnership as delegates in the workplace as they embody true ‘teamwork’. Liz had been a delegate for 5 years before asking Rowena to hop on board as a co-delegate. When issues arise they consult and ‘bounce’ off each other to ensure the best outcome for our members. They share the workload with rolling out campaigns and both play to their different strengths.

Liz and Rowena religiously attend the training provided by the SDA and both are effective at practicing their new ‘learning’ at store level. Both would agree that having a trusted and motivated partner as a delegate helps with sharing the work load.  The ladies are a great support for each other, their passion, humour and diligent approach to fostering ‘unionism’ in their work community makes them much loved and respected characters! Well done girls!


Rowena McNeil

How long have you been a delegate?

Two years.


Why did you become a delegate?

Liz approached me about becoming a delegate as she really needed a helping hand.


What have been some of the challenges?

I have found that when members discuss issues in the store, it can be frustrating if they don’t want to stand up and doing anything about their issue. I am learning to become better at lending advice and quickly asking, “Do you want me to help you do something about it?”


What do you enjoy about being a SDA delegate?

I find the role very interesting. I really enjoy attending the training provided.

Treating all people equally is important to me and I the role as delegate, I can help facilitate equality in the workplace.


What are you goals this year for your store?

This year I would like to educate our members about how I can support them at work as a SDA delegate.  I’d like to do this by using the notice board in the staff room and by having as many conversations/discussions as possible to help raise awareness.



Liz Bass

How long have you been a delegate?

Seven years.


Why did you become a delegate?

I believe that being a delegate allows me to help improve the conditions of where I work for myself and other union members.


What have been some of the challenges?

When non-members ask for help and they are personal friends.  I have to explain that I can help assist the paying union members and this can be awkward if they are not willing to join the union.


What do you enjoy about being a SDA delegate?

I enjoy what I learn by attending Union training and how I can use this knowledge to achieve fair and just conditions at work. I am also proud of signing and retaining new members, my positive consulting approach between members and managers and the rapport I have fostered.

I am also proud of identifying Rowena McNeil as a delegate!


What are you goals this year for your store?

I would like to foster better working relationships between delegates and management. I would like to arrange regular meetings with managers to discuss members’ concerns; for example how breaks are taken, roster issues, improvements needed in health and safety, how  sick leave is treated etc.

I’m also working on learning to ‘triage’ issues as they arise more effectively.







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