Delegate of the Month - Harry

Published on: Mar 17 2017

March 2017

Harry Fuller is our March Delegate of the Month. He has been a Union member for 7 years and a Delegate for 1 year and 9 months.


Why did you become a Delegate?

I became a Delegate so my colleagues would have representation for night workers in our store.

Our store didn't have a Delegate working night hours and I wanted to have the knowledge to help my team mates.


What has been your most notable achievement in the workplace/dispute that you have dealt with?

I have been assisting my Night-Fill Teams mates transitioning into early morning starts. All stores were affected by a change to our load delivery times. The changes had a great impact to many of my team mates. With my Delegate cap on, I met with my Organiser to prepare for the anticipated questions and have advice at the ready, knowing my members rights.

One team member was a permanent part-time teacher by day and could not accommodate the change at all - I assisted and guided him though the proposed changes, highlighting if they couldn't accommodate his hours they are obligated to find him a transfer. He managed to keep his same hours at our store.

A second team member was a student and could not accommodate the change. He also managed to keep his hours at our store.

A couple of other team members were Uni students and transferred to another store to keep similar hours.


L-R Chelsea Harmey, Harry Fuller, Kristopher Rixon and Melissa Summers

Why is recruitment important?

To have team members stand as a unit is really important. We have strength in numbers.


What campaigns have you been involved with and why are they important?

I have been involved with the Boxing Day campaign. I notified management that I would not be available to work on Boxing Day. I also got heaps of Boxing Day Baubles signed by staff in store. I am also involved with the 100% Pay at 18+ campaign and had petitions filled out in store. I have also got some signatures for the Save Our Weekend petition and had many conversations around Penalty Rates. I'm a firm believer that if you work unsocial hours to serve our community then that should be recognised though penalty rates, why else would I give up my social time with mates who work mostly Monday to Friday and miss out on them all catching up at the weekend or of an evening.


What do you aim to achieve in your workplace in the next 12 months?

I want to continue the fight for our penalty rates and make sure my team members know I'm there for them.


What do you get most out of the role?

I get the satisfaction of helping my team members.


What have you enjoyed most so far?

I really enjoy meeting other delegates in Delegate training and knowing that there are other team members up against the same battles as we are at our store.

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