Delegate of the Month - Donna

Published on: Oct 02 2018

Donna is an SDA Delegate at Coles. She has represented her team mates as a Union Delegate for 13 years.

Donna was recently recognized in the Australian Parliament for her contribution to securing the new Coles Agreement.

Here’s what she has to say about her role as a Union Delegate in store:

Why did you become a Delegate?

I decided to become the delegate in my store because I saw firsthand the importance a previous delegate had made at my store.

What campaigns have you been involved with and why are they important?

I have been involved with the 100% Pay, Protect Penalty Rates and Take The Time campaigns. 


What has been your most notable achievement in the workplace?

I worked hard to secure the new Coles EBA. I want to improve the lives of SDA members at my store and to protect their take home pay and above Award conditions including preserving hard fought Union conditions.

Senator Deborah O Neill recently recognized the hard work done by Delegates, including myself in Parliament. I was also presented with a letter of thanks by the Senator for my help in securing the agreement.

Other notable achievements have included helping my team mates with roster issues. Members in store now recognise that they should not sign new rosters until they have been consulted and agree they can work the proposed roster.

What have you enjoyed most so far?

I enjoy helping my team mates and knowing I am making a difference to our workplace. Members know if they have a problem, I can assist them with getting a good outcome.

We need delegates who are trained by the Union to explain to members their rights under the Enterprise Agreement as so many of my team mates have no idea as to what their rights and entitlements are.

What do you aim to achieve in your workplace in the next 12 months?

In the next 12 months, I aim to get the members to understand all of the changes in the new EBA and how they affect us as workers. I want to help members in my store to be strong and work as a team in order to get issues resolved.


What do you get most out of the role as a Delegate?

I have worked for Coles for 35 years. Retail is getting tougher.
Change is always happening and not always for the good. Someone has to be in the store when staff need them. I enjoy being that person that can help.

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