Delegate of the Month - Danae

September 2016

Danae is our Delegate at Woolworths Rutherford. She has been a Union member for nearly 6 years and a Delegate since Nov 2014.

Belinda, an SDA Recruiter, sat down with Danae and asked her some questions about her role as a Delegate.


Why did you become a Delegate?

I always liked helping people with issues & thought that becoming a Delegate would be the best way to stand up for people in the work place.

What has been your most notable achievement in the workplace/dispute that you have dealt with?

I have assisted with a work place dispute Workers comp case. While I was not directly involved with the case, I was a friendly ear for the member to talk too about her concerns in the workplace. I think it’s important for any members going through any issues in the workplace to feel supported and to know they should not feel alone.

Why is recruitment important?

I believe that the more members we have the stronger we are as a union.  I love being part of a family, and the union is one big family. Family looks after each other. They have each other's back.

What campaigns have you been involved with and why are they important?

I have been involved with 100% pay week and Safety week. I believe safety in the workplace is so important and often is taken for granted.

 L-R Ashleigh Bradford-Davies , Kayleigh Roberts, Danae Robertson and Vicki Fisher

L-R Ashleigh Bradford-Davies, Danae Robertson, Kayleigh Roberts, and Vicki Fisher 


What do you aim to achieve in your workplace in the next 12 months?

I hope to recruit more members as this will allow us to have a voice that can be heard. Nobody listens to one person. But they listen to us in numbers.

What do you get most out of the role?

I get great satisfaction in my role as Delegate, especially when seeing my work as a delegate is working and the getting results. It's not always easy but I’ll keep fighting and won’t give up.

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