Delegate of the Month - Brendan

November 2017

Here’s what Brendan (pictured left) has to say about his role as SDA Delegate.


Why did you become a Delegate?

I saw an opportunity to represent my fellow team members and use my position within my store as Deputy Manager to become a filter between management and my fellow staff.


What has been your most notable achievements in the workplace?

Most of the disputes I have dealt with have been around public holidays including Boxing Day, and also meal breaks.

I was also very passionate about getting another Delegate on board to represent our store’s night time staff so that between us we would have all bases covered. Because of this, our profile in the store has been raised and our reputation of getting things done is reflected with a high SDA membership among our store’s staff.

I was also recently involved in an issue whereby staff were being counselled over mystery shopper results. I was able to help get this issue resolved quickly with the help of the Union.


Why is recruitment important?

I believe recruitment is important because there is power and safety in numbers. We can't fight workplace issues alone.

We just need a good Hollywood movie to come out about a modern-day union fight and we'll be set for the next 50 years!


What campaigns have you been involved with?

The Boxing Day campaign was a big one for us, and we really pushed this to the point where is started ruffling a few feathers within the store. This was and still is a good thing. Staff are very passionate about Boxing Day and effects a lot of people and their families, so any bullying, cohesion, persuasion or bargaining techniques that may have once been used by management have fallen on deaf ears!


What do you aim to achieve in your workplace in the next 12 months?

I want to see 100% SDA membership within our store and I want to continue the fight for our penalty rates. I want to see Boxing Day left alone and be a day for our families. I want to make sure I am there as a Delegate for my fellow team members.


What do you get most out of the role of Delegate?

I like being there for people, acting as a problem solver, a filter between management and the team and a person to lend an ear to. I like that I‘m helping to create a positive environment for staff to work in.


What do you enjoy best in your role as a Delegate?

I have really enjoyed the position where I can act as a voice for many. I have a responsibility to “keep the bastards honest” and to ensure staff are getting everything we are entitled to. I also enjoy the Delegate meetings (our therapy sessions!) and training sessions. These events remind me that I’m not alone and that there are other delegates out there with bigger issues. It tells me that my store is doing pretty good right now.






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