Caitlin Stands Tall In Her Workplace

Caitlin recently stood up for her rights at work on behalf of her co-workers and herself. Her workplace is now a better place to work with all workers receiving their minimum break entitlement – something which hadn’t occurred in her workplace for quite some time.

With the support and assistance of the SDA, Caitlin raised her grievance and resolved a dispute regarding the entitlement to rest breaks at a Hungry Jack’s site on the Central Coast. There is some evidence to suggest that this is not an isolated problem and it may be occurring at other Hungry Jack’s stores in the region. Is this a problem at your workplace?

Getting your minimum legal entitlements when at work is very important. Getting your PAID rest breaks is one of those minimum rights.
As a result of a member exercising her right to raise issues under the dispute settlement procedure, on behalf of herself and her co-workers, and constructive discussions with Hungry Jack’s the matter was successfully and quickly resolved..

Well done Caitlin! A great result and an important step forward in your workplace!

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