Availability issue fixed for Melissa

Melissa recently blocked attempts by her employer to reduce her hours. With the backing of her Union, Melissa successfully negotiated a new roster which suited her needs and didn’t lose any hours.

Melissa works part time at a leading retail store.

As a single mum, she relies on on the support of her family to help juggle her commitments outside of work.

Recently, her family support’s availability changed which affected her availability for work.

After speaking to her employer, Melissa felt she had no choice but to reduce her minimum part-time contract to casual because her workplace could not accommodate her changed availability to suit “the needs of the business”.

Melissa contacted the SDA. With the support and assistance of her union, she was able to negotiate with management an outcome that suited both the employer and Melissa’s commitments.

Well done Melissa for standing up!

If your availability changes or your employer proposes a roster change, don't be pressured into dropping hours at work or agreeing to work outside your availability. Members get the right advice and representation from the SDA.

As an SDA member, you’re never alone at work. If you have any problems, the experience, advice and support of 14,000 union members is just a phone call away.

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