A Monumental Win!

Published on: Apr 06 2016

SDA member Maria Lockwood turned up to work at ‘The Base Warehouse - The Entrance’ last September for an extra shift. Instead she was handed a letter that gave her the sack for reasons which she strongly denied. Her employer would not even talk to her about it. She was understandably horrified and contacted her SDA Organiser for assistance.

After the employer refused to discuss the reasons for the dismissal with the Organiser or show any evidence of an investigation into the alleged conduct, the SDA submitted an Unfair Dismissal application to the Fair Work Commission on behalf of Maria.

The matter was listed for hearing in February of this year. The employer did not attend.

The SDA argued the dismissal was unfair as no investigation was conducted which would constitute a valid reason for the dismissal and Maria was not given an opportunity to respond to the allegations before her employer terminated her.

The Commission found in favour of Maria and she was awarded the maximum amount of compensation available, of six months’ pay! The employer has now agreed to pay the money to Maria in installments and she recently received the first payment.

The SDA is proud that such a deserving member who has been treated so poorly by her employer has achieved such a great outcome.

Maria says “It is so important to be a member of a Union. I am so grateful for the SDA’s help.”

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