What is the SDA?

The SDA is here to help you! As Australia’s largest trade Union, we have more than 13,000 members in our Newcastle & Northern Branch, and over 220,000 members nationwide.

We have branches in every state including two in NSW, and represent full-time, part-time and casual employees covering every aspect of the retail, fast food and warehouse industries.

The SDA is an independent, not-for-profit organisation funded only by members, for members.

Why Choose The SDA

Why Join?


All SDA resources and expertise are exclusively for the benefit of members. If something goes wrong at work and you’re not an SDA member.....we can’t help you! Your membership commences upon acceptance at the monthly Committee of Management meeting and remains valid, subject to the Rules of the Union, for such time that you remain financial and fees are deducted from your pay and remitted to the Union. If you cease to work for whatever reason and your employer is no longer deducting fees on your behalf, it is your obligation to notify the Union. The Union reserves the right to terminate your membership if you have not paid membership fees for 3 months or more, unless you have applied and been granted an exemption under The Rules of the Union.

Important Wins for Workers

What the SDA does for you

The SDA does all the hard work for you when it comes to negotiating better wages and conditions. SDA experts can advocate for you in discussions with employers and advise you on industrial and workers’ compensation matters. The SDA’s strength in negotiating wages and conditions with employers, guarantees you: • Regular wage increases • Rostering provisions • Leave entitlements • Public Holidays • Meal Breaks • Penalty Loadings • Confidential advice

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