100% Pay

Workers deserve to be paid according to their contribution to the workplace, not the year when they were born.

Junior pay rates in Australia mean that qualified, experienced 18, 19 and 20-year-olds are getting paid less than the adult rate - purely because of their age, even though they perform the same work. 

When you turn 18, you’re viewed as an adult in the eyes of the law. You can drink, vote, and go to war so it makes sense that you should have the same standing when you’re at work.

Not necessarily.

In some industries, including retail, at 18, workers can be paid 30% less than the adult rate; 19-year-olds may come up 20% short; and the discount for 20-year-olds is 10%. These hard-working adults don’t get 30% off their living expenses; they don’t get a 20% discount when paying the power bill - it doesn’t seem fair.

Young workers deserve to be paid properly for their contribution. Check out the 100% pay campaign site for more information, or like our Facebook page to show your support!

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